Dominique Vercaemert founder of valta inc

Dominique Vercaemert RFC®

“I’ve been in this business over four decades, and know what it takes to realize your goals. When I started I was earning commissions selling insurance, then investment products. It felt like I was swimming upstream working hard with low profitability, constantly under stress like a caged hamster spinning its wheel; working 24/7 but not achieving the lifestyle.

I wanted what was healthy for me. Then I made the conversion to a fee-based practice as soon as I could. I established goals and had a razor sharp focus on achieving them while improving my client’s experience and the quality of their lives.

I made some mistakes along the way but I learned from them quickly. If you are willing to put in the hard work I can show you how to achieve the same success I have and enjoy more free time for what is truly more important in your life.”