7 ways people like you show gratitude for their accomplishments

New Year’s Eve is a time when we look forward to the year ahead and think about what we want, who we want to become, and then set goals to achieve our outcomes. But it’s also a time when we must celebrate the success that we’ve had during that year.

Why? Because as Tony says, “You can only build on success.” As you celebrate your success, it creates a deeper hunger to build an even stronger base and pull yourself to even greater victory and triumph. In addition, you will raise your standards for what is possible and develop the rituals and habits necessary to make this sustainable success a part of who you are.

But everyone has a different way of reflecting on their past success and celebrating it. We asked our Facebook community how they celebrate their success – and received over 500 responses! Here are some of our favorites:

“I use my success to fuel my drive to take steps towards my next goal.”

“Having a great cup of coffee, sitting back and contemplating what I’ve accomplished. Being thankful, and using that energy to propel me forward.”

“I watch my kids with great admiration. They are so much stronger than I ever was. It is they who allow me to see any of my own success.”

“I look for a way to share it with the people that made it possible.”

“After seeing all the great touchdown victory dances on the red zone football show, I am currently creatively working on my own victory dance.”

“With a deep, purposeful breath that gives me space for gratitude and energy for what’s next.”

“I celebrate with someone I really care about. We just do whatever comes to us in that moment – no plan, we just go and experience it.”
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